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Sentinel Studio – Meaningful designs for powerful brands

Sentinel Studio was founded in Guadalajara in November 2017 by Jorge Herrera, a career graduate in animation but a graphic designer by vocation.

Our work team is decentralized, meaning that although we are three people at the base, our team grows and adapts to the needs of the projects.

We are a brand consultant integrated by curious people who like to question everything, we are in constant training, collecting information, cataloguing everything around us to better understand the world we live in; using all the knowledge acquired to be able to create designs, brands and strategies based on solutions to the needs of each project.


Our mission is to create solutions that impact and inspire to challenge the known, giving novel results to the challenges presented by our clients.


Our vision is to create designs that are memorable and brands that impact globally, generating relevance to our clients with elegance and intelligence.


We do not work for political groups, churches or religions. We push the limits allowed to search for new proposals. We seek experience above money.


Brand Development | Identity & Design – Naming – Logotype

Web Development | UX – Programming

Digital Marketing | Community Manager – SEO – Social Ads

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Our Values



Curiosity and restlessness are what move us. We use our analytical and design skills to discover opportunities not previously seen.



We are someone who always seeks quality and excellence. Seeking to satisfy the implicit and explicit needs of each project we carry out.



We are flexible, we adapt to the needs of each project, with fresh ideas, first class skills and a fresh and new perspective.



We are optimistic and always looking to the future. We believe in the truth, ideas and virtues of all projects by being one with us.

Our Process



We meet with our clients to learn more about them, their brand, their history, their proposal, their goals and everything we can get to soak them. It is the beginning of a long relationship.



We develop a research to know better our client, its competition, advantages, opportunities, its target audience and everything that helps us to understand where they are, what makes them different and who they are targeting.



We present our ideas, sketches and source concepts of our creativity and all the information we collect from our client. Seeking to satisfy the needs and requirements of our client.



We release it to the world and turn your audience into followers and the followers into fans. At this point the brand is alive and breathing on its own, delivering the right message with a base and purpose.

Our Clients